From the Sighthoundclub specialty show in Umeå August 14th
Judge Anette Edlander, Swe

Aaniston I Can Spell Cat - 1st with prize of honour (6 bitchpuppies in the class) BOS Puppy
Beautiful feminine well cut head with good proportions, well placed & well carried ears, 
excellent neck and topline, good angulations in front and rear, 
moves very good from all directions, good bone and feet. 
Nice silhouette, good presentation.

Aaniston I Love That Bali T-Shirt - 1st with prize of honour BOB and Best In Show Puppy
Masculine well cut head good proportions, thin fine ears, well pigmented, excellent neck and topline
well angulated in front and rear. Moves very good from the side, parallell coming and going,
promising, well presented.

C.I.B Int Ch Swed Fin Dk & Nor Ch Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons - 1st in championclass (4)
and 3rd best male-
Masculine well cut head with excellent proportions, well placed ears, excellent neck and topline,
well angulated in front and rear, good bone and feet, excellent movement from the side with great strides. 
stylish silhouette, well presented.

SBIS S Ch Jagodas Grosse Bise - 3rd best bitch
Beautiful fem well cut head, well placed ears, excellent neck and topline, 
well angulated in front and rear, good bone and feet,
Stylish silhouette, good movement from all directions. well presented.

From the Swedish Whippet club Specialty in Svenstavik August 6th
Judge Inger Karlsson, Klenods

Aaniston I Can Spell Cat - Best In Show Puppy
unbelievable pretty feminine bitch puppy of excellent type, wonderful head, maybe could wish for slightly more stop, 
Beautiful flowing lines, long tail, enough bone, slightly flat in her front feet for the day, Nice coat,
Moves unbelievable neat from all directions. Promising bitchpuppy for the future.

SBIS S CH Jagodas Grosse Bise - 2nd best bitch
still searching for her critique from this show.


From the Sighthoundclub specialty in Svenstavik August 7th 
judged by Arne Foss adults and Anette Bystrup puppies

Aaniston I Can Spell Cat - BOS Puppy
4 months, fem, well built with a wonderful head, well placed roseears, scissorbite, elegant neck,
sligtly flat topline, first rated angulations, short coat, moves with first rated drive very steady for age,
extremely promising.

Aaniston A Parade Of Shoes - not placed in open class
Good condition, well shaped head and expression, enough stop, good ears, strong neck,
excellent depht of chest, good bone/feet, moves well from all directions. very well presented,
excellent temperament.

SBIS S CH Jagodas Grosse Bise - 3rd best bitch
Very nice bitch, Very harmonius, nice size, without exaggerations, good head,
ok expression, good neck, stands very well on her legs, well bodied, in excellent condition, moves freely,
Lovely temperament, Very well presented.


Swedish Whippetclub specialty in Byske judge Susanne Oschinski, Whipcat whippets, Germany

CH Jagodas Grosse Bise
3 years blue fawn, very attractive female of good size, good head and expression, strong neck, flowing lines,
well angulated and very balanced, nice low hooks and flexible pasterns, 
Moves very well from all sides and lovely condition,

Aaniston A Parade Of Shoes - she was 3rd in open class with Exc/cc quality, (10) 
6 year old bitch, good head, strong neck, nice flowing lines, well developed brisket, 
well angulated in front and behind, Moves very well from all sides.

C.I.B Int Ch Swed Fin Dk & Nor Ch Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons - 3rd in championclass with Exc/ccq (5)
6 year old champion male, Very balanced over all, good head and expression, strong neck, good top and underline,
ok angulated in front, well angulated behind, in very good condition, 
moves very well from all sides with lot of drive.


Sighthoundclub specialty in Råneå judge Bitte Ahrens, Sobers

C.I.B Int Ch Swed Fin Dk & Nor Ch Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons - 4th best male
6 year male of excellent tyope, elegant over all, beautiful head, correct bite,
excellent neck, Well angulated in front and behind, good top and underline a bit tense due to the weather,
moves elastic and typical from all directions, excellent condition.

CH Jagodas Grosse Bise - 2nd best bitch
3 year old bitch of lovely type, beautiful head, correct bite, Wonderful flowing lines, 
excellent neck, attractive front, perfect top and underline, well angulated,
Moves very sound coming and going, effective sidemovement, should wish for slightly more
low front movement, in lovely condition.


Sighthoundclub Specialty in Umeå August 8th,
Judge Wim Wiersma, Of Summers Joy, Holland.

Aaniston You Had Me At Hello - 5th with prize of honour in juniorclass
14 month fem, elegant bitch nice proportions, lovely outline, elegant head, fitting body, 
elegant neck, nice lay of shoulder, good upperarm, strong angulated hindquarters, 
Nice free moving, well handled.

Jagodas Grosse Bise -
Won best of breed, and her 2nd CC this summer
2.5 years old quality bitch with flowing lines from head to tail, pleasing head, 
good reach of neck, nice front and rear, nice top and underline, strong muscled, to well boone, and good feet,
moves nicely with long strides, when her head goes down she looses a little of her topline, well presented.

Svenstavik Sighthoundclub Specialty August 2nd, judge Karin Hedberg, 

Jagodas Grosse Bise -
winner of the open class (10) 2nd best bitch with res cacib.
Typical head and expr, well carried ears, good lenght and depth of body, Elegant neck, 
Lovely shoulder placement, good upperarm, Very good depth of chest, broad nice thighs,
Moves freely, easily sound and effectivly from all directions.


Whippetclub show in Vilsta 2009
Judge Mr Johnstone Mcleod, Peperone, UK
Aaniston You Had Me At Hello - 5th in juniorclass with CC'quality/Exc
Quality dog, lovely skin and coat, Nice head, Lovely eyes, Nice neck into shoulders,
A bit loose in front movement, Nice tailset, Nice feet, Moved well.

Jagodas Grosse Bise - 4th in open class CC'quality/Exc
Full of quality, lovely head and ears, Nice size, very feminine, 
Hard to fault, Very nice mover

KC International and National Show in Vännäs 2009

Jagodas Grosse Bise,
Best bitch, CC and BOS
Nice proportions, femine head with a nice expression, well carried ears, could have sligthly more underjaw, 
beautiful neck, beautiful topline, Good croup, Nice angulations, Good bone, body with good substance and nice forechest, 
beautiful coat, Moves with great strides and beautiful tail carriage.

Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones - 5th in open class (12 entries) with CC'quality/Exc
Very nice muscled bitch of right size, nice depth of body, good topline, moved well.


KC National Show in Piteå May 18th 2009,

Aaniston You Had Me At Hello - 1/1 CC'quality/Exc juniorclass
Pretty fem overall, fem head, good bite, slightly weak underjaw,
excellent topline, excellent underline, good angulation, good body, moves with very good strides.

Jagodas Grosse Bise - 3rd in open class (12 entries) with CC'quality/Exc 
Very attractive overall, beautiful outline, fem head with good lenght, good body, moves very good from the side, slighty loose in frontmovement


KC International Show in Sundsvall October 4th 2008 judge Svante Frisk, Swe
NORDUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons
was 5th best male and 2nd in championclass
Nice championmale, good proportions, good head, dark eyes, just the right nose colour,
scissorbite, slightly round loin, good rear angulation, good shoulder and upperarm, nice forechest,
Moves well back and forth, good strides from the side. Well handled, good temperament


Critiques from Boden Sighthound club specialty October 4th 2008, judge, Karin Hedberg, Swe

Aaniston Yellow Hot Manolo Blahniks 
1st place prize of honour and BOS Puppy - puppyclass 4-6 months
Pretty bitch puppy, feminine head, lovely expression, well carried small ears, 
still in "puppyfat". Good proportions, just the right width in the front, harmonious angulation, 
really neat movement, well handled

Aaniston You Had Me At Hello 
2nd place - puppyclass 4-6 months
Extremely feminine bitch puppy with beautiful lines, a bit tapering in nose, beautiful neck, long nice hindlegs, 
a bit untidy ears today, very attractive movement, should have a bit more self-confidence. well handled

NORDUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons
2nd place with Cc quality - not placed in the best male class
Attractive male of excellent type and excellent proportion in head and body. 
Good combination of elegance and substance, 
excellent condition (with no too bulky muscles) , beautiful lines, well handled

Jagodas Grosse Bise - 2nd in youthclass with CC quality
attractive young bitch of excellent type, feminine head and expression, noble,
very good body and general impresson for age, harmonious  top and underline, 
correct angulation front and rear, could be a bit more filled in nose, well handled 

Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones - 3rd in open class with CC quality
Excellent type, feminine general impression, beautiful expression, good substance in body, 
correct topline, a bit straight in upper arm, broad fine thighs, correct angulated knee and strong second thigh,
hunches up a bit in rear standing and moving, but otherwise very good movement from all directions

Aaniston Seagulls Every Now 'N Then - 1/3 in youthclass
Elegant young male with noble head, excellent expression, well carried ears, 
elegant neck, fairly narrow in front and should have more volume in body but good depth, 
excellent topline, very neat movement all around, well handled


Critiques from Svenstavik KC Int August 3rd 2008, judge Marjatta Pylväinen Suorsa, Finland

SUCH FINUCH DKUCH & NORDUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons  
was 3rd best male both days in Svenstavik,
Excellent type and quality, good size and bone, strong masc head,
good ears, excellent topline, excellent cheast, well angulated, Good movement

Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones - 2nd in open class with cc'quality/exc (12 entries)
Strong bitch with good bone, beautiful lines, good head, dark eyes, Long strong neck,
correct topline, enough chest, well angulated, Steady movement with long strides

Jagodas Grosse Bise, Strong bitch with correct lines, good bone, beautiful long head, 
small ears, long neck, correct topline, excellent chest, excellent angulation, 
moves well with long strides


Results from Gällivare Int Show July 1st 2007, judge Mr Christian Stavarache, Romania
Another good weekend!!

SUCH FINUCH & DKUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons was 2nd Best Male 
and his daughter Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones 
 won Best Bitch, gained her 2nd CC, Cacib and BOB and was also BIG-3. 

Stellas critique, Excellent, very elegant, very typical head with excellent profile, 
excellent colour eyes, long and elegant neck, excellent backline, body with excellent proportions,
for and hindquarters in stand excellent angulated, tail good settled, very good movement,
good colour and coat good temperament.

Solos critique, Excellent type, good size, scissorbite, head with good expression, good colour eyes, 
good settled ears, long elegant neck, excellent backline, 
For and hindquarters in stand very well angulated, 
good colour coat, very good movement, good temperament

Fantastic news from Denmark and Ballerup INT June 17th 2007,, judge Dagmar Kenis Pordham, GB, (Solstrand Kennels)

SUCH FINUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons 
entered for the first time in Denmark, won Best Male with CC and CACIB and gained 
his Danish and Nordic Championtitle, he was also BOB Winner and later 3rd best in the sighthound group. What a day!!!!! 


Solos" critique, Beautiful fawn and white dog of 3 years,very classic in type, lovely head, correct mouth,
lovely forequarters, lovely topline, lovely croup and hindquarters, moved so freely and correctly,
for perfection would like a more deeply padded foot.

His mother Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime also entered for the first time in Denmark, 
she was 2nd Best bitch with CACIB, Pyjamas hasn't been shown in over two years.
"Pyjamas" critique, Lovely fawn and white bitch of 6 years with classic outline, very nice head, 
good ears and mouth,very nice front, slightly soft in pastern, 
beautiful topline, beautiful croup and hindquarters, beautiful definition of underline
moved so correctly and well.
Sighthoundclub Show in Boden 071013, judge Tina Permo, Swe
Swedish Finnish & Danish Champion Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons

"Solo" was 3rd in Championclass  
Height 50 cm, Good head and expression, correct bite, could have more perfect ears, Excellent neck and topline,
Excellent body, Well angulated, good legs and feet, Moves well from all directions.
Aaniston Sexy Legs La La La 1/1 juniorclass prize of honour
Heigth 45 cm, Nice head and expression, corr bite, good ears, exellent neck and topline, 
excellent body for age, corr tail, well angulated, good legs and feet, moves typical/normal for age
KC International Show in Sundsvall 071006 judge Per Lundström, Swe
Swedish Finnish & Danish Champion Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons not placed in championclass 
Excellent frontconstruction with good front fill, strong neck neck and topline, excellent underline 
with excellent hindquarters, well bodied with good shaped ribcage, tight and excellent muscle condition, 
Moves well from all directions slightly loose in pasterns. Well presented
Aaniston Later With Jools Holland - first official show in youthclass 3rd with prize of honour
Feminine head, gentle beautiful glance, irregular scissorbite, well laid shoulder with well laid upperarm, 
excellent body and bones, strong back, croup and hindquarters, Lovely broad tighs and hooks. Moves very well
from all directions, well muscled, well presented.
Whippetclub specialty show in Piteå 070706 judge Pia Westin (Norrtjärns)
Aaniston Lawn Tennis In Venice, 2nd best male and BOS Youth dog.
Masculine male, beautiful head, good topline and underline, Broad tighs, slightly straight in shoulder, 
overall a very promising youthdog, Moves with good strides.
KC INT Show in Sundsvall 061007 judge Tuula Plathan, Fin
SUCH FINUCH  Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons- 4th best male 
Well balanced male with lovely lines, Good lenght in the head, Expressive eyes, Good bodydepth,
 Nice legs and feete, Carries himself in balance in movement
Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones-1/1 youthclass -5th best bitch
A soundly built bitch with lovely lines, good head and a graceful neck, 
a very good body for this class, nice legs and feet. Moves with good balance
SvVK Mariefred 2006, Judge; Jackie Bourdin, Fra
SUCH FINUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons-CC'quality/Exc
2,5 yrs, Very nice dog, with exc coat texture, Exc size, Lovely head & expr,
Very good neck & shoulders, Very good topline,, Exc hindquarters and pasterns, Moves well
SvVK Råneå 060709 judge Elisabeth Janzon, Swe
Aaniston Lawn Tennis In Venice, 1/3 HP 4-6 months
Nice male puppy with good proportions, mask head, good neck, topline, good body, excellent bone, lovely well angulated backrear, good tail, moves well for age
Aaniston Later With Jools Holland, HP 4-6 months BOS Puppy
Fem bitch, slightly coarse in skull, Beautiful lines, good bone, excellent body, lovely well angulated backrear. Moves with good strides and shows herself well.
SvVK Råneå 060709 judge Maria Theresa Fassio Durando, Italy
SUCH FINUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons-4th best male
Typical head, Nice expression, Long neck, Shoulder, body and angulation well, The very movement of whippet.
Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones- 1/1 Juniorclass 2nd best bitch winning her first CC from juniorclass.
Lovely bitch, corr head & expr, corr neck and shoulder, Harmonic body, corr angulation. Exc feet, Elegant and free movement
Aaniston Baby Jonesy's Silverspoons- 1/2 HP Juniorclass
Typical, well the head, corr neck, body angulation, Exc feet The movement must be with more temperament
Aaniston Three Mile Smile-1/4 Open class
Lovely bitch, corr head, harmonic body, shoulders and angulation well, Moves well
KC International show in Piteå 060708, judge Ove Germundsen
SUCH FINUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons- 2nd best male, CACIB
Very attractive male with lovely lines. Beautiful head and expression, 
good lenght of neck. Very good topline, well shaped front and chest, could be slightly more stabil in front moves very well from behind, Very well presented.
SW Specialty Piteå 060707 judge Marita Furu, Finland
SUCH FINUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons, 1/3 (5) CC'quality/EXC
Stylish overall impression, good proportions, good head, good angulations in front and behind, good top and underline, 
Effective movement from the side, slightly loose in elbows. Well presented.
Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones- 1/2 CC'quality/EXC
Good proportions, good lenght of body, good neck head and expression. would prefer more frontangulation, good topline and rear angulation. Good size, Slightly loose in front but good from the side. Well presented.
Aaniston A Parade Of Shoes- 5th best bitch
looking for her critique
Gällivare Int 060702 judge, Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden
SUCH FINUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons, Best male CACIB and BOS.
Nice overall impression, masculine head, good lenght and prop, could be slightly more elegant in the skull, otherwise good details, elegant neck, beautiful top and underlinge, wellshaped ribcage, excellent frame, nice feet, very well angulated, moves very well from all directions, nice coat, well presented
Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones-  CC'quality and 2nd best bitch
expressive well shaped fem head with good details, elegant neck, beautiful curves, wellshaped ribcage, good forechest, good bone, slightly weak in pasterns, nice feet, very well angulated and moves very well, nice coat and well presented
Aaniston Three Mile Smile-  CC'quality and 5th best bitch
expressive well shaped fem head with good details, elegant neck, beautiful curves, wellshaped ribcage, good forechest, good bone, nice feet, harmoniously angulated, well muscled, moves well from the side slightly loose in front, nice coat, well presented
Some critics from 2006 below...
KC Show in Vaasa 060430 Judge: Seamus Oates, Ireland
SUCH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons- 
BOB Finnish Champion and Group winner
Lovely type in great condition, Lovely Nice long head. Broad skull., Well placed ears, Nice long neck, Strong jaws and good bite, Lovely straight front, Deep chest, Good topline, Well developed hindquarters. Free Moving
Swedish sighthoundclub show in Boden 060312, judge: Säde Hohteri, FIN
Aaniston Best Friends Are Forever- 2nd best male
Excellent general impression, Good head and expression, Lovely neck, Excellent bones, Very good body for age, Free and elegant movement from all directions.
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons- Best Male, CC and Swedish Champion,
Elegant male, Stylish head, Beautiful expression, First-rated angulations in front and back. Moves freely from all directions, Good coat
Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones- 1/1 CC'quality
Elegant juniorbitch 10 months, Stylish head and beautiful expression, Long neck, good angulations in front and back, For age excellent depth of chest, Moves freely and stylish with long strides. Good coat.
SUCH NUCH Aaniston An Outstanding Filly-2nd best bitch
Beautiful and very feminin championbitch, Excellent head, beautiful expression, Long beautiful neck, Elegant lines, Moves freely from all directions, good coat.
Köping, 060225 Swedish Sighthoundclub show,
judge Susanne Oschinski, Germany (Whipcat
Aaniston Best Friends Are Forever
winner of juniorclass (5 entries) with prize of Honour
Ten months old. Good size, nice head, long neck. Well angulated in front and behind. Good length of loin, well muscled hindquarters. Most parallell coming and going. Excellent sidegate with good drive
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly-  3rd best bitch and gained her last and qualifying CC for her Swedish and Norwegian Championtitle.
2 years, Very elegant bitch. Long neck. Flowing lines. Well angulated in front and behind. Nice low hocks. Moves well from all sides.
Some critics from 2005 below.
BEST IN SHOW!!! Aaniston An Outstanding Filly born 031207
(Starry's Bennerman x Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime)
proud owner back in Finland Piia Raikonen, Jagodas Kennels.
Photos by Nina Lundberg

What a successful day 050814, at the Sighthoundclub show in Umeå, judge: Jarmo Vuorinen, (Sheik's) Finland.
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly won BOB, CC and was later BIS-youngster and BEST IN SHOW!!!
She has been to 6 shows since july1st and has won 3CC's and she has Best bitch placings from all shows
and today she wins the Best In Show under Jarmo Vuorinen and Jean Lois Grunheid/FRA

Critic: Elegant bitch with lovely lines, beautiful head and expression, 
excellent long neck, well angulated in front and back, excellent forechest and depth, 
excellent topline, excellent musclecondition, 
Moves very well from all directions, well presented
Swedish sighthoundclub show in Boden, 051015
Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones - winning BOB-BIS-puppy
6 months wonderful beautiful bitch, nice head with dark glittering eyes, correct s-lines, nice frame, beautiful feet, lovely neck, altogether making a strikingly promising puppy, very well handled
Aaniston Bigbeautifulamericanmutt - BOS Puppy
6 months, Very well developed for age, Good head and dark eyes, Long elegant neck, Very good topline and underline. Very well angulated. Exc bone. Beautiful feet. A puppy who is developing very well, Promising, Very well handled
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons, 51cm, winning his 2nd CC and was 2nd Best Male-
22 months, masculine beautiful male correct s-lines nice head, eyecolour a bit light, thin ears, long nice neck, very well angulated, in excellent condition, lovely frame, beautiful feet, very stable movements excellent drive from the side, well presented
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly- 4th best bitch 46cm
22 m feminine bitch, excellent type and size. beautiful head but could wish a bit better underjaw thin nice ears long elegant neck correct top and under line, well angulated, movements somewhat unstable from front and rear, good drive from the side, well presented
KC International Sundsvall, 051008, judge Rudi Hubental.
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons- 2nd Best Male 
with res.CC, Res.Cacib. 
Very well constructed and well proportioned. Elegant lines. Very good head, neck and topline. Good chest. Well angulated. Moves very well.
SW Köping 051001 judge, Pirjo Jutila, FIN
Aaniston Best Friends Are Forever -1st Prize of honour (5 entries) BOS-puppy
5.5 months old, Very beautiful type. Beautiful neck, over and underlinge, good angulations. Strong Bones. I would like to see better underjaw but otherwise beautiful head. Moves Well.
Aaniston Bigbeautifulamericanmutt  - 2nd Prize of honour (5 entries)
5.5 months old.Beautiful type. Beautiful head and neck. Good over and underline. Good angulations. Moves quite well. Strong bones.
Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones  -1st  Prize of honour (5 entries) BOB-puppy and Best In Show puppy 
Beautiful bitch. Beautiful head and neck. Good over and underline. Good angulation in rear, a little straight from front. Moves quite well.
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons  2nd CC'quality/EXC (5 entries)
Beautiful head & neck. Good over -& underline. Enough angulations in front. Good in rear. Moves well back and forward, but I would like to see more drive in sidemovements. 
He doesn't show himself well today.
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly  -2nd CC'quality/EXC (6 entries)
Beautiful & balanced young bitch. Beautiful head & very beautiful neck. Very beautiful over & underline. Enough angulations in front. Good angulations in rear. Moves well
Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime  -1st Prize of honour (2 entries)
Beautiful bitch. Good head and a beautiful neck. Good over - & underline. A bit straight in front, 
Good angulations in rear. I would like her to have more filled forechest. Moves OK.
critics from Umeå 050813 judge Jarmo Vuorinen, Sheik's Finland.
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly 
BOB, CC BIS Youngster and Best In Show!!!
Elegant bitch with lovely lines, beautiful head and expression, 
excellent long neck, well angulated in front and back, excellent forechest and depth, 
excellent topline, excellent musclecondition, 
Moves very well from all directions, well presented
Aaniston All Shoes Are Not Choos- 1/2 youthclass with HP (4 entries)
A male with the wright proportions. Good head and expression. Fine ears. Excellent neck. Well angulated in front. For age excellent depth of  chest. Good topline and underline. Slightly overangulated in rear. Excellent bone, legs and feet. Could have slightly more lenght in sidemovement.
critics from Svenstavik 050806-07
050807 judge Tuula Savolainen.
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly 
  CC and 3rd Best bitch Nice proportions. well shaped head. Good ears. Good neck and topline. Well angulated in front and back. Exc ribcage/chest. Powerful side movement, slightly wide behind. Beautiful coat quality.
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons  1/1 cc'quality/Exc youthclass
 5th Best male with res.CC
Male with good proportions. Well shaped head with a beautiful expression. Beautiful ears. Nice neck and topline. Well angulated in front. Exc ribcage/ chest. Well angulated in rear. Parallel movements from front and rear, with reach and drive Nice coat.
050806 Arne Foss, NOR (Paper Moon's
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly 1/1cc'quality/Exc from youth class 3rd Best bitch
Very appealing young bitch. Very beautiful lines. Fem head. Good expression. Good neck. Very nice topline. slightly weak in pastern. Lovely movement from the side with reach and drive  Nice temp.
Well presented.
 SW Specialty 050730 Tammsvik judge Molly Rule Steel. Taejan Australia.
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons 
3rd with HP= prize of honour in youthclass (24 entered males)
Dark fawn & white of lovely type. Good topline. Nice hindquarters. 
Lovely neck into shoulder. Moves freely. A well balanced dog.
Tammsvik sighthoundclub, judge Agneta Kappers, 
1st prize (22 entries)
Masculine, quite good head, but could have slightly bigger eyes, Excellent neck good shoulder and upperarm, needs to fill out slightly in front, Good ribcage/ chest, acceptable underline. Excellent rear. Good movement from the side.
Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime - judge Molly Ruule Steel, (Taejan).
1st price in open class (49 bitches)
Fawn & white. Pleasing head. Good strenght to the neck though I would like it a little longer. Nice topline. Good deptht of chest. Moves soundly.
Critics from show weekend in Piteå/Råneå 050703/KC International show in Piteå, 
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons won his first CC under breedspecialist Mr Magnus Hagstedt, (Signum) and was 3rd best male.
Torr, stram elegans, generösa proportioner. Elegant och maskulin. Lång hals. Tillräckligt kroppsdjup. Stark länd. Stabilt bakställ. Kunde vara mer utfylld i fronten. Eleganta rörelser. Visas i utm kondition.
Refined,firm elegance. Generous proportions. Elegant and masculine. Long neck. Enough depth of body. Strong loin. Stable rear. Could be more filled out in front. Elegant movements. Shown in excellent condition.
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly cc'quality/Exc was 4th best bitch for Mr Hagstedt.   
Elegant och feminin. Harmoniska vinklar fram o bak. Utm djup men skulle önska en bättre markerad underlinje. Tilltalande överlinje. Stabilt bakställ. Utm rörelser. Välvisad.
Elegant and feminine. angulation front and rear in harmony, excellent depth but would like a more defined underline. attractive topline. stabile rear, excellent movement, well presented
 050704 sighthoundclub show in Råneå, judge Ms Barbara Smith, USA
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons won youthclass with cc'quality/Exc
Balanced head. Little loose in pastern. Little straight in pastern. Very good topline. Very good strong rear. Good mover.
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly won her first CC under this judge and was 2nd best bitch
Very feminine & smooth, beautiful head & expression, smooth movement coming, going & side, Exc breedtype
Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime won open class and was 3rd best bitch
Very good head & expr, Beautiful shape and proportions. Very good set of neck & shoulder. Smooth movement coming, going & side. Exc breedtype
SVVK:vb show in Skellefteå 050424 judge Lotta Brun, Norway
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons won youthclass with cc'quality/Exc and was 4th best male with res.CC, BIS youngster
Appealing youngster.  Well balanced. Beautiful head and expression. correct fine ears. Beautiful neck and topline. Good depth of body. Long well angulated hindlegs. Moves with very good stride, parallel coming and going.