Swedish Champion Aaniston Believe In Me Mr Jones

Aaniston Lawn Tennis In Venice has many Best male placings and has won two CC's in lurecoursing in great competition.
He is also a triple prize winner.

Aaniston Later With Jools Holland

Aaniston Best Friends Are Forever - CC and BOS Winner 
Many best male placings, although rarely shown. 9 months at the photo.

Aaniston Baby Jonesy's Silverspoons  SW Triple Prize winner

Aaniston Baby Jonesy Sit And Stay - 2 x CC Winner in Lure coursing

Photos below Pernilla Öberg 

Trollmåne here at 5.5 months

Trollmåne here at 5.5 months

Bakom Fasaden

BOS and BOB puppy littermates sired by Ch Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons, Svenstavik 2009,


Four male puppies born February 19th sired by Ch Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons

Best In Show Puppy, Trollmåne, Svenstavik 2009,

Best In Show puppy Trollmåne, Svenstavik 2009,

On our way to Gotland we stayed at Höglia Kennels to take some photos of  "Solos"
Ch Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons puppies.
Below they are almost 4.5 months. 

Höglias En Glimt Av Ömhet

Höglias Trollmåne

Höglias Trollbunden

Höglias Den Siste Riddaren

Höglias Lugnet Före Stormen

Höglias Bakom Fasaden 


Puppies stacked up at 6 weeks.
photos by Anna Björklund
Litter born February 19th 2009 
by S Fin Dk N Ch Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons x Lawtons No Broken Hearts.