May 6th 2009

Today it's 1 year ago since I had to let my absolutely most beloved and dearest whippet Tippen go.
A year filled with deep sorrow, emptiness and so many tears I have shed every day, it feels like an ocean.
The true joy is gone and will not come back as before, but as they say life goes on..
I am deeply greatful for the time we shared the luckiest days ever..but I miss you every single second every day!!!
I found a masterpiece in you.. 
PS. I will always love you..

Don't be afraid there is a secret sign a name who will protect you wherever you go..
Don't be afraid there are pawprints in the sand..
I know you will be with us all the time, every second..and we will be with you all the time and every single second..


"Tippen" my little boy


May 6th 

Today I had to let my most beloved whippet of them all go,
Stay with me - I will cry if you go
I can't wait to see you again.

Time - To go
and Time - to leave
Don't say Goodbye - I will see you again


This is the boy who is the light in my heart "Tippen""Tippen" my dearest whippet of them all
Everything I do I do It for You........


Three weeks before his disease deteriorated, with all my love for him I just had to let him go to the other side.
We did everything in our power to help him gain a longer life but the odds were not on our side.

The cutest puppy I have ever seen