My boy I miss you so much - I Love You

From left Twyborn Longleat, and in the armchair Aaniston An Outstanding Filly, Aaniston Pagan-In-Hand, 
Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons and Aaniston Alarch The Sea Lion.

Aaniston Pillow Talk, Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons, Aaniston An Outstanding Filly 
and standing on the kitchen table my dearest Aaniston Alarch The Sea Lion

Aaniston Alarch The Sea Lion, Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons 
sleeping with their mother Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime


Sleeping with his mother three days before he had to go to the other side. He was mommys boy.

The last weeks in his earth life here together with his sweetheart Båten

Tippen 3 years old

Tippen and his best friend his litterbrother Solo, never a hard "word" from Solo just love everyday. I think the other dogs knew..

I have never loved a pair of eyes so much in my life


His broken tail