Born January 21st 2007, by CH Statuesque Personalised (AI) x Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime

Aaniston C The Nine Cccccccccs Best In Show puppy at Sighthoundclub Specialty, 2nd with prize of honour at SW Specialty 4th with prize of honour at SW Mariefred, 3rd with prize of honour at Sighthoundclub specialty in Mariefred.
Aaniston Canoodle With A Poodle prize of honour from juniorclass at Sighthoundclub Specialty
Aaniston Chandler Muriel Bing prize of honour from youth class
Aaniston Crash Test Dummies CC-winner and BOS Winner from juniorclass
Aaniston Contents Of A Samsonite Bag Suffers from a growth disorder and will not be shown (nothing genetic just bad luck). One of a kind
AUST INTUCH NORDUCH NEW ZEELAND CH Statuesque Personalised GB & AUST CH  Cottonmere Personality of Oakbark Oakbark Mister Blue Moonstorm of Oakbark
Flarepath Aquaria
Ribblesmere Xmas Caroll Bunnyridge Gypsy baron
Thurma My Love
AUST CH Statuesque Sundancer CH Allgarth Envoy Lowglen Newbold Cavalier
Shalfleet Stylish
CH Zipity Tartan Statuet GB AUST CH Dondelayo Statue
CH Glenbervie Skybelle
Aniston Pyjamas In The Daytime



CH Balzac Opsis Kalopsis INTUCH NORDUCH Play A While At Peperone GBCH Hardknott Quadrille
Mithrandir Gazelle
CH Marash Melody Of Bayard Allgarth Premier
GBCH Queen Of The May At Marash
CH Airescot Bonnie Maid INT SUCH NUCH DKUCH 
SW-99 NORDW-00 Nordw-02 
Balzac Strålande Tider
CH Birkonbrae Sweet Talking Guy
CH Balzac Moderna Tider
Paris Beatrix of Tiber
AMCH Broadstrider's Gorgeous George
AMCH Paris Princess