In Memoriam



Aaniston Filly At The Bigs



Born 2006-03-20 - 2010-04-05
Adagio My Culture x Aaniston Pamplemousse
Owner: Marianne Erkkilä, Finland


With a heavy heart  I recieved the sad news from Finland on Monday that 
"Mette" Aaniston Filly At The Bigs had to be put to sleep earlier that day only 4 years old. 
She was such a special puppy to me and she was here last year for a visit. 
"Mette" was sired by CH Adagio My Culture x Aaniston Pamplemousse. 
It started as diarrhea and then she got a very bad intestinal infection 
and on Monday she had been vomiting blood. 
Her whole abdoman was full of blood and there were holes in her gallbladder, 
so there was nothing else to do than to let her go. 
It breaks my heart and I am so sorry for her owners who loved her so deeply and dearly.
 I am out of words.. I will always remember this special girl ♥

The poem below is dedicated to Mette from her owners Marianne and Timo

"Mette" GOODBYE for now..

With heavy hearts and a tears in our eyes,
after only four years, we must say goodbye.
Please understand, we've done all we could,
if there was anything we could do, you know we would.

we're sitting right here, gently rubbing your ears,
while we talk to you softly, trying to hold back the tears.
The memories you gave us, we'll never forget,
especially the ones of the day we all met.

One last hug and one last kiss,
you have no idea how much you'll be missed.
To look into your eyes this one last time,
you tell us it's know it's your time.

Close your eyes now and go to sleep.
We'll pray to the Lord, your soul he'll keep.
Go in peace now, our most beloved friend,
We'll stay right here with you, until the end.

Dream of that special day and time,
when we'll meet at the Bridge and all will be fine.
We'll run and play side-by-side,
with a soft warm feeling deep down inside.

Your memory will live on in each one of us..
You'll always be number one to all of us.
Have a safe journey through the night.
I promise when you awake, you'll be in God's light.

So with heavy hearts and tears in our eyes,
just for now "Mette"....we say goodbye.

"Mette" here at 7 weeks

Dear ♥ "Mette" here at 7 weeks. She was very special to me as puppy. So quiet and calm.

she was such a gorgeous little kind and gentle.