In Memoriam



Flip A Coin





After a tragic fatal accident today, Flip A Coins life could not be saved.
"Flip" My beautiful boy I'm out of words.....

16 years ago I held you in my arms, my beautiful colt my boy...

Today i have a day filled with sorrow and pain, since you had a fatal accident this morning, 
and your leg was broken badly and I had to let you go......
My beautiful boy I canít find the words for you..Take care of your mother now and donít forget 
all the people who loved you and will love you forever.... 

By Kimberly Freeman
Grazing in fading light,
two horses, noses nearly touching
find the fresh blades after
yesterday's rain
They glide together
a single step,
then another, blinking,
happy in the moment.
Until one snorts, "time to go"
and they head off,
down the path,
into the green.