This beautiful boy "Foppa" Höglias Den Siste Riddaren is sired by Ch Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons

Photo taken 1999

Aaniston No Spring Chicken

Aaniston No Spring Chicken "Kim"

Aaniston More Cool Cats In Dog Hats and her friend Aaniston Name Adress And Location

Aaniston Name Adress And Location - I love this boy so much he is such a special boy..../Breeder

Aaniston Name Adress And Location

Aaniston Neither Nor Just Dior "Cocci" photos Rachel Lundgren

Aaniston Neither Nor Just Dior

Aaniston Few And Far Between and Ch Barnesmore Galileos, 
beautiful son Sobers Ivory. Owner Maria Sheina, Moscow

Greetings from Norway, Aaniston Temple Of Philae with her best friend Helle 

Aaniston Lawn Tennis In Venice, working extra as a model

Aaniston Mable A Ping Pong Table and Aaniston Mucking With The Horse Set
 - two beloved daughters sired by my dearest Twyborn Longleat 1997-2007

Aaniston Somebodys Spelling Mistake "Ginger" 

Aaniston Lawn Tennis In Venice and halfsister Aaniston Baby Jonesys Silverspoons. 

Aaniston Mable A Ping Pong Table "Tuula" (hear head reminds so much of A.Pillow Talks),
 Aaniston Ministro Pistarini Ta-Ta  "Princeton" and  
Aaniston Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm "Ozzy" (all by Twyborn Longleat x CH Airescot Bonnie Maid).

Aaniston Somebodys Spelling Mistake "Ginger" went for a swim or?
Photo by Anna Björklund

My dear little girl Aaniston Pillow Talk "Mimmi" in her old house ("her house"since she was a 3 week old puppy), 
she totally worned out. She was so upset everytime somebody else went in there, 
"She got so sullen and her face said, this "house" is mine mine mine"

One day I just threw the doghouse in a wardrobe and one day, months later, I couldn't find "Mimmi" anywhere after I had looked 
everywhere for her, I heard a strange noise from the wardrobe and found a very happy little lady in her favourite house. 
The "house" was totally worned out but she didn't care. "Home Sweet Home"

My sweetie Aaniston Pillow Talk "Mimmi" in one of her other favourite spots = hot laundry

Pyjamas taking care of Few And Far Between

Aaniston Pillow Talk "Mimmi" on the couch

Twyborn Longleats "Ramis" children "Imse" (Mind You P's And Q's) and Saga (Mucking With The Horse Set) here at our home.

Our three legged whippet Zelig Oktober enjoying the couch

 Zelig Oktober almost 10 years at the picture

A very tired Pyjamas in the car on our way home from Stockholm

Pyjamas taking care of her little brother Aaniston Ten Thousand Maniacs "Jamie"

Aaniston Few And Far Between here at 9 months, photo by Sobers

Aaniston Ten Thousand Maniacs at 5 weeks, sitting behind him his "babysitter" Pyjamas

Honey Honey
Our little handicaped darling born 2003-in the streets of Romania
Honey lives with my mother 

Aaniston Pinkham-Ryder


"Solomio" Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons