Aaniston Alarch The Sea Lion "Tippen"
Born 2003-12-07 - 2008-05-06
 Ch Starry's Bennerman x 
Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime 

My most beloved whippet of them all.
~You were the love of my life and the light in my heart~
My life will never be the same again without you "Tutkillen"

Time to go and time to leave
Don't say goodbye
I will see you again



Twyborn Longleat "Ramis"
Born 1997-2007
 by Multi Ch Paris Panther x
Zelig Smultronstället

Breeder: Michael Wikström

There will never be a more sensible and intelligent whippetboy.
I miss him everyday..

Lille man allt jag vill är att du ska ha det bra...



Aaniston Pagan-In-Hand "Pagan"
Born June 6th 2001 - August 10th 2011
by CH Balzac Opsis Kalopsis x CH Airescot Bonnie Maid

My dearest Pagan could not be saved and at 3.20 pm she travelled to the other side meeting up with her daughter Tara, Tippen and Ramis. Leaving us here with sadness and tears and an emptiness that no one will never fill. See you later beautiful and kind Pagan. ~Time~  



Swedish Champion
Airescot Bonnie Maid "Gossip"
Born 1998 
Multi Ch Balzac Strålande Tider x 
Multi Ch Champion Paris Beatrix Of Tiber

~Time to go and time leave, don't say goodbye I will see you again, ~Time~

at 4.30 pm my most beloved girl my Queen (1.5 months before her 15th birthday) travelled to the other side,
  meeting up with her daughters Pagan, Salsa, Philae and all her other friends. Surrounded by her beloved daughters Pyjamas, Mimmi and myself. 
Leaving us here with with an emptiness and a sorrow beyond belief. 
I miss her desperately already and my joy is gone. Her legacy will live on. I love you "Gossip" more than words can say


Our most beloved 3 legged boy

Zelig Oktober
Born January 29th 1998
Multi Ch Balzac Strålande Tider x
Hutaka Hacquetia

~One day my beautiful brave boy we will be together again~
I love you beyond everything and I miss you every single day.


SBIS Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish Champion 
Aaniston An Outstanding Filly

Born 2003-12-07 - 2010-09-06
 Ch Starry's Bennerman x 
Aaniston Pyjamas In The Daytime

"Tinka" was my most beautiful breeding she had everything I
looked for in a whippet. I will always regret selling her.

(I borrow these words from your beloved brother).
Time to go and time to leave
Don't say goodbye
I will see you again


They think she was born in January in 2003 but we will never know.
*2003- + September 21st 2012

There are no goodbyes
Our love is eternal and we will
see you again sweetheart.
Run and play now little one.

I miss you everyday..


Mr Jones  born 1994+2005
My big beautiful american mutt. "Ramis" best friend growing up.
Now the last chapter is read 
We will miss you forever my Baby Jonesy- 
The Rain King remember...


Flip A Coin born 1988+2004
16 years ago I held you in my arms, my beautiful colt my boy...
Today i have a day filled with sorrow and pain, since you had a fatal accident this morning, 
and your leg was broken badly and I had to let you go......
My beautiful boy I can’t find the words for you..Take care of your mother now and don’t forget 
all the people who loved you they will love you forever.... 

She was born July 26th 2010 and put to sleep March 6th 2012

Only God knows how much I loved you Edith

Here darling Edith is standing inside our food cabinet and with her sweet stubborn mind she let me know she wasn't going to come out from there.

I love you to bits beyond everything else Edith, I love everything about you, 
I see your face everytime I wake up and everytime I look at my phone and everytime I go to bed.
I promise one day we will be together again, 
there are no goodbyes little one, 
this kind of relationships and love is eternal

I want to write go and play now but you could have done that here for many years to come.
My heart is crying sweetheart since I know you wanted to live even with those problems.



Owned by others

Aaniston Baby-Ssshh Hi Mom I Love You born 050421 - 060224
So young so full of life, 
~Never to be forgotten~


Aaniston Lot's Of Blah Blah Blah born 060307 - 070809
~Tara you will always be in my heart - I will miss you forever~
~I never saw blue like that before~

~Jag glömmer dig aldrig flickan~
Ängeln i rummet..


Aaniston Filly At The Bigs
Born 2006-03-20 - 2010-04-05
Adagio My Culture x Aaniston Pamplemousse
Owner: Marianne Erkkilä, Finland


Aaniston Bigbeautifulamericanmutt
Born April 21st 2005 - November 2010
By CH Aaniston Afternoons & Coffeespoons x
Aaniston Three Mile Smile
Owner: Thawelin, Sweden


Aaniston Somebodys Spelling Mistake
Born January 10th 2007- April 14th 2011
By CH Sol Y Sombra Palais Royal x Aaniston Three Mile Smile
Owner Anna and Andreas Björklund, Umeå

Her death was a shock and
I am devastated she treated for an infected paw 5 days before her sudden death, given rimadyl x antibiothics. Many dogs have died using rimadyl and the symptoms are the same.
This was such a special girl and she was "Daddys girl" Andreas was the love of her life and she was his little princess.

We only part to meet again..
Run and play now dearest Ginger and one day you'll be together with your beloved earth family again. ~Time~


Aaniston Peccadille

Born June 6th 2001 - August 10th 2011
by CH Balzac Opsis Kalopsis x CH Airescot Bonnie Maid
Loved and owned by Anna Lena Bäckvall Hallin and Dick Hallin, Balzac Whippets, Sweden


Swedish Lure Coursing Champion
Aaniston Lawn Tennis In Venice

March 7th 2006 0 February 2013
Loved and owned by Susanne Holst and Antti Silventoinen.


Aaniston Pamplemousse
June 2001 - August 2013
Sired by Ch Balzac Opsis Kalopsis x Ch Airescot Bonnie Maid.
Mother to the outstanding broodbitch
Aaniston Few And Far Between Exp Italy

Grand mother to the world famous Sobers Ingrid


Aaniston Shopping In Paris

January 10th 2007 + September 2013

Owned by Allette Kennels


Swedish Champion
Aaniston Painted Desert

Sired by Ch Balzac Opsis Kalopsis x Ch Airescot Bonnie Maid.

June 6th 2001- March 2015

"Alexa lived the life of a queen"


Aaniston Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Sired by Twyborn Longleat x Ch Airescot Bonnie Maid
Owned by Åsa Thawelin
May 4th 2004-March 2015