Born January 31st 1998 + July 23rd 2013 at the age of 15.5 years old
By Multi Ch Balzac Strålande Tider x Hutaka Hcquetia


Brynar has only three legs since he had to amputade his right front leg 2004 due to *angiosarcoma in his paw.


*Angiosarcomas: arguably the most aggressive of all soft-tissue tumours, are composed of cells that have many functional and morphologic features of normal endothelium. Although these tumnours are often divided into hemangiosarcomas (of purported blood vessel origin) and lymfangiosarcomas  (of lymphatic vessel origin), such as distinction is arbitrary. the term angioendothelioma is also used. These tumours generally arise spontaneously , but in dogs with short, often white coats, chronic solar injury has induced a change in the superficial vascular plexus, which initially appears as a hemangiosarcoma and then progresses to a malignant vascular tumour. The breed prone to actinically induced angiosarcomas are whippets, italian greyhounds, white boxers and pitbulls. 
Pathologists will often diagnosethese lesions as cutaneous hemangiosarcomas.

 Breeder: Kicki Sandell, Vallby Hornö
Birgitta Westerlund

SW-99 NordW-00, Nordw-02 INT SUCH NUCH DKUCH  
Balzac Strålande Tider

SUCH Birkonbrae Sweet Talking Guy Hillsdown Fergal Birkonbrae Coeur De Lyon
Siobhan of Hilldown
Birkonbrae Buttons'n'Bows GBCH Samarkands Beall Ranger
BGCH Nicely Naughty at Birkonbrae
SUCH Balzac Moderna Tider INT AUST SUCH NUCH Statuesque Personalised GBCH Cottonmere Persononality of Oakbark
CH Statuesque Sundancer
SUCH Marash Melody of Bayard Allgarth Premier
GBCH Queen of the May at Marash

Hutaka Hacquetia

GBCH Cottonmere Monty Of Oakbark

Oakbark Mister Blue Moonstruck Oakbark
Flarepath Aquaria
Ribblemere Xmas Carroll Bunnyridge Gypsy Baron
Thurma My Love

GBCH Sunsalve Hollidaze At Hutaka

GBCH Carmodian Tawny Knight Of Hutaka GBCH Black Knight of Carmodian
Allgarth Countess Penelope
Lowglen Songbird
 GBCH Oakbark Middleman
GBCH Lowglen Singing Bede